Premium Aluminium Clad Timber Windows

Exquisite materials, German Craftsmanship, Top Performance

Aluminium clad timber windows combine the best features of timber and aluminium into a second to none, premium system. The combination of superior craftsmanship, thermal performance and long-term durability make aluminium clad windows ideal for luxury homes, passive houses and modern architectural projects. With a solid timber frame clad in aluminium on the outside, our windows deliver the beauty and cosy look inside that only timber can. A wide assortment of woods, glazing and colour options mean you can customise them to meet your exact aesthetic, energy and security needs.

The Advantages of Aluminium Clad Timber

Anyone building or renovating a home is familiar with the difficult decisions and trade offs involved and the choice of window materials is no exception. UPVC is the most affordable and aluminium is the toughest while both require little maintenance. Timber offers unparalleled beauty but requires regular upkeep you may prefer to avoid. All three offer good insulation values based on configurations with uPVC offering the best. Luckily, it doesn't have to be an either-or decision. 

Aluminium clad timber windows are the perfect solution. They combine timber frames on the inside with a protective metal shell on the outside to achieve the benefits of both with none of the disadvantages. They offer

  • Unmatched elegance in a modern look
  • Superior thermal performance
  • Strong weather resistance with minimal upkeep
  • Long life, durability security

While the price of common uPVC windows often seems too attractive to pass up compared to higher end models as these, aluclad timber windows are a classic case of buy once, cry once. Spread over multiple decades, our aluminium clad timber systems will still be saving you energy costs, upkeep costs and replacement costs well into the future making them excellent an value for money when compared to inexpensive windows that will last half the time and never stop costing you.

Certified to meet current regulations

Our storm-proof Eco Plano and IDEALU alcuclad timber windows have received certificates from New Zealand's All Facade Ltd confirming that they meet the pressure load, water tightness, and strength required for high wind zones. These certificates are coming soon for all our other timber and aluclad timber windows.

Increased Security with Aluclad Timber Systems

A modern window casement cannot simply be lifted out of the frame anymore. This is because casements are now typically built to be flush with the frame and are held tightly by mushroom cams. With aluclad timber windows, even attempts at breaking apart the frame itself usually fail, as the wooden profile and its light metal cover protect the frame from impact. The additional metal shell effectively strengthens an already very secure wooden window.

Further increases in security can be achieved with robust glazing bars. Even ordinary triple glazing elements can significantly improve the security attributes offered by any aluclad system when glazing bars are included in the construction. The best possible attributes can then be achieved by adding laminated safety glass as well.

In order to optimise security, the three main targets of any break-in attempt - frame, hinges and glazing - must all be reinforced to a similar extent, leaving no obvious weak points. After all, even a robust aluclad timber frame can prove to be pointless if the glass pane can simply be smashed.

Aluclad Timber Systems with Superb Thermal Insulation

Solid timber is one of the best insulating materials for windows and front doors, only surpassed by 6-chamber uPVC systems. Aluclad timber systems thus save heating costs thanks to their wooden cores, while the light metal shells protect the profiles from humidity and damages.

In order to prevent the metal shell from influencing the insulating properties of the timber core, both components are assembled without direct contact with each another. This helps to retain proper vapour diffusion attributes without negatively impacting the natural thermal insulation typically provided by timber windows.

Consider the quality of the glazing as well. If the U-value of the glass is too high, then the thermal properties of the timber frame become irrelevant. In this regard, please also note that for most windows the installation depth can be a limiting factor to the number of individual glass panes that can be included in multi-glazing systems.

High-Performance Profiles Guarantee Durability

The anodised and powder-coated outer metal surfaces of aluclad timber windows are highly resistant to all ordinary weather conditions. The metal shell has been designed with effective drainage in mind, ensuring that the rain water does not come into contact with the timber glazing bars or with parts of the core profile. 

Furthermore, outside dirt can only affect the outer shell and the glazing element, both of which can easily be cleaned off. Thus, aluclad timber windows keep their proper appearance for a very long period of time, constituting some of the most durable types of windows.

Do not use wire brushes or similar implements when cleaning the frames as they may damage the anodised surface, permanently compromising its resistance to moisture.

The Appearance & Aesthetics of Aluclad Windows

Aluclad timber windows combine the most beneficial elements of both materials - this is also true as regards the aesthetics. The powder-coated outer aluminium shell can be coloured using any of the various weather-resistant lacquers from the RAL colour range. This helps create a modern look and ensures that all aluclad timber windows can be perfectly matched with your existing facade.

The various types of timber available, meanwhile, do not only affect thermal insulation, they also help individualise the aesthetics on the inside of your home. Available timbers include:

  • Pine
  • Oak
  • Larch
  • Meranti
  • Walnut

In additional RAL colours, natural stains and finishes are also available for the timber portion and even wood grain decors for the aluminium shell if you prefer to have the same look inside and outside.

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