Softline Timber Windows

Timeless Wood with a Modern Look

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Softline Timber Windows

For those seeking the natural beauty and appeal of wood for their project, our Softline profiles combine today’s German craftsmanship with modern and sophisticated look in timber. Wood may be one of the oldest building materials used, but it doesn’t have to look that way. Timberglazing bars are also available and the frames can be cut to any number of forms including standard square and rectangular shapes as well as arches, trapezoids, circles and more.

Profile Details

  • Softline wood profiles are available in frame depths of 68 or 78 mm
  • Thermally insulating double and triple glazing available up to 42 mm thick
  • Quality German Winkhaus fittings with a load capacity to 130 kg, tilt and turn functionality, and optional concealed hinge design
  • Aluminium water drainage channel gives additional weather protection with an overlapping core cover – available in a range of colours
  • Triple weather seals available in brown, white, beige and grey
  • Multipoint locking available in a range of security levels to prevent burglary
  • Glued laminated wood profiles increase strength and dimensional stability

Rounded Edges & Modern Window Design

Softline timber windows are styled with an emphasis on rounded moulding and smooth lines, creating a modern twist on a traditional design.

While other timber window designs typically have angular profiles, Softline models offer a more contemporary look. These timber profiles can be installed into existing window openings to create a more natural setting and warm living atmosphere. A large variety of wood types and finishes are available such as meranti, spruce, pine, oak and more. Larch for example, is popular and provides a distinctive grain pattern.

A Classic Material with Modern Advantages

Our timber frames offer all the flexibility and customisation options that any modern window can. Double and triple glazing with their improved insulation values for example does not mean that wood glazing bars aren’t possible. Indeed, you can easily select a custom pattern of wood muntins to match your existing windows or to give new homes a traditional look.

Sharp edges can also be a safety issue for young children making the rounded corners of the Softline series a great addition to childproofing measures. A fail-safe position-locking handle prevents children from hurting themselves when opening or tilting the casement. Quality hinges with a load capacity of up to 130 kg provide durability, and an optional concealed hinge design is available for a smooth, uniform appearance.

All woods used in our window profiles are Grade A. You can select from many different types of wood and a huge range of colours and finishes. Order your Classic profile system in eucalyptus, oak, cherry, walnut or other high-quality woods today.

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