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Aluminium and aluclad timber storm window systems

Eco Plano storm windows (Christchurch)
Eco Plano storm windows (Christchurch)

Impact-resistant glass

Impact-resistant glass is vital to a storm window's performance. The extra thick glazing can be laminated, for example, which means that multiple layers of invisible PVB foil are inserted between the glass panes. This adds strength and reduces the likelihood that glass will break into sharp shards.

Protective impact-resistant glass can also be tempered which adds flexibility, meaning the window can withstand very high pressure.

Expertly tested with multiple cycles of strong wind, rain and pressure, certified storm windows from Neuffer are reliable products designed to keep buildings safe and dry. Featuring a multi-year guarantee, durable personalised finish and strong glass, protection from the elements meets custom style and energy efficiency – just get in touch with our team and read on to find out more about the many options.

Storm Windows – The key features

Neuffer storm proof windows are purpose designed products, characterised by the following:

Ability to withstand high pressure

An essential feature of a storm window is its ability to withstand the high pressure which buildings are exposed to from winds during storms. Certified for high wind zones, Neuffer products, such as the Idealu window, prevent an imbalance of pressure occurring between inside and out which could cause structural damage. This is achieved through the profile's excellent built-in ventilation system and robust aluminium clad exterior surface.

High water resistance

Also key to defining a window as storm-proof is its water resistance. With the high pressure and heavy rain or snow which can come with storms, the window, typically designed with integrated weep holes, must fit snugly in its fixed frame and prevent water entry. Certified for their ability to do just this, storm windows from Neuffer feature welded corners in their frames and come in custom dimensions, allowing them to fit frames down to the millimetre and keep interiors dry.

Strong reinforced profiles

Storm windows are also characterised by their strong reinforced profiles. The window profile's multiple exterior fixing brackets mean it can be securely installed in buildings while quality materials ensure excellent high wind zone resistance.

Our Eco Plano storm window model is just one example of this – with thick natural wood on the interior and durable aluminium cladding on the exterior, a 5 and 10 year guarantee can be expected for the materials respectively.

Previous customer projects with storm windows

Products from Neuffer have been tried and tested in many successful projects internationally – the aluclad timber storm models Eco Plano and Idealu have been used in these projects in New Zealand, Australia, and the US, for example.

Further benefits of storm windows

Storm windows in living room

Excellent insulation

Ideal for stabilising inside temperatures regardless of weather conditions, storm windows from Neuffer reduce undesirable heat transmission to keep interiors cool in summer and warm in winter. This is excellently achieved by our triple and double pane windows alike and leads to reduced energy bills.

Many of our exterior storm windows also feature glazing where the space between panes is filled with an inert gas. This provides an extra layer of insulation which further helps to reduce unnecessary air movement and cold drafts around the window.

Superior security

Whether purchased as new or replacement windows, with their thick glass and strong reinforced profiles, exterior storm windows from Neuffer keep homes excellently secure. A Neuffer storm window frame features additional fittings, for example, and a multi-point locking system hinders potential intruders from lifting the door from its hinges.

Boasting a burglar resistance class of RC2, our windows feature an innovative German opening system – the tilt and turn mechanism. Differently to common double hung windows with an outer track, the frames feature handles with locks or turn buttons which allow the window to either fully open or tilt ajar. This ensures plentiful supply of fresh air combined with superior safety.

To add a two track window appearance or that of triple track windows to your new European product, different glazing bars can also be selected for a traditional touch.

Low-e options

At Neuffer, products can be personalised to suit customer requirements and the choice of whether to add an invisible low emissivity, or low-e coating, to your wind-proof window's glazing is a prime example. Low-e storm windows act by reflecting heat produced by UV and infra-red radiation. This is particularly useful in summer because it helps to maintain a stable inside temperature and reduces the wear and tear of furniture or items which would otherwise receive continuous exposure.

Certified to meet current regulations

Our Eco Plano and Idealu exterior-interior storm windows have received certificates from IFT Rosenheim and New Zealand's All Facades Ltd confirming that they meet the pressure load, water tightness, and strength required of a high performing storm-proof window that complies with the high wind zone regulations set out in the NZS 4211:2008 specification. If you want a matching storm door to be installed with your new windows, we also offer a range of certified French balcony doors at a competitive cost which ensure excellent energy savings.

Made-to-measure – a wide range of possibilities

Design options

One of the biggest advantages of buying our exterior-interior storm windows is the large scope given for individual configuration. An insect screen can be added, for example, as can a protective seaside coating, optional low-e glass or privacy screen glazing.

A wide range of durable colours are available to choose from, as are different handles to create the perfect finish for high wind windows – just get in touch with our team to discuss the options further.

Materials for storm safe windows

Low-e storm windows from Neuffer are currently available in aluminium and aluclad timber. Where aluminium storm windows provide unrivalled robust durability, aluclad timber storm windows, with their wooden interiors and metal external cladding, make for a softer touch. Different wood frames can be chosen from for the interior face, for example, including spruce, larch and oak which give the storm window frames a bespoke textured pattern.

At Neuffer, windows are also available in uPVC and aluclad uPVC as well as non-clad timber which each bring their own unique benefits. If you are interested in these materials, then please talk with our expert team because new storm window options will become available soon.


How much do storm windows cost?

As Neuffer products are bespoke, the cost of a storm wind-proof window varies depending on customer selection choices, such as the addition of low-e glass or optional shutters. Although initial costs can be higher than with regular windows, superior protection for your building or home's windows and energy savings pay off long-term – just get in touch with our team to receive a free quote.

What about maintaining and installing storm windows?

Whether you plan to replace an existing window with your new storm product or install it as a side or primary window, correct and easy installation can be ensured – just get in touch with our expert team today to discuss the possibilities and install your product. We can arrange for and connect you with a trusted local installation team, for example, or send specialists from Germany.

In terms of upkeep, due to their durable cladding Neuffer storm windows are virtually maintenance free; occasional cleaning with a cloth and detergent is all that is needed to prevent any build-up of dirt while oiling any wooden interior can prolong its finish.

What dimensions are available?

At Neuffer, customers come first and we work with manufacturers to meet your requests. This means that storm windows can be purpose designed to suit a wide range of specific dimensions where our expert attention to the smallest measurements ensure that products perfectly fit inside openings.

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