Neuffer's bespoke German windows provide beauty, thermal performance and numerous design options for any project. In a world of outsourcing and mass production, all of our windows are 100% designed, custom crafted and assembled in Germany, fittings included. This ensures that our customers receive a superior product with the same exceptional quality and performance that is synonymous with Made in Germany. We offer a range of materials from traditional timber to innovative uPVC and premium aluminium cladding. We then build them to the shape, size and function that fits your individual project and environment. Neuffer windows provide elegance, performance and reliability to every project while adding value to your home.

European Windows: Elegant & Energy Efficient

Architects have long known European windows to be superior in quality and energy performance to domestic products such as traditional single and double hung windows. Homeowners, on the other hand, often only learn during an unrelated trip to Germany that the windows are not just different, but far more practical as well. Whether tilt and turn, standard casement windows or premium lift and slide doors, German products easily surpass domestic standards like Energy Star while offering impeccable aesthetics. Even seemingly simple white uPVC windows can offer multiple internal chambers including high pressure foam filling that meet Passive House standards.

With nearly 150 years of expertise in windows and doors, you can always count on us for the latest technology blended with traditional craftsmanship. Our products deliver the best German workmanship for impact resistance, thermal performance, UV protection, condensation and corrosion resistance, and colour and finish.

Certified to meet current regulations

Our storm-proof Eco Plano and IDEALU alcuclad timber windows have received certificates from New Zealand's All Facade Ltd confirming that they meet the pressure load, water tightness, and strength required for high wind zones. These certificates are coming soon for all our other timber and aluclad timber windows.

Timber Windows: Unmatched Character & Natural Insulator

As one of the oldest building materials, timber provides unparalleled beauty, natural insulation and is a renewable resource. The breadth of species, stains and finishes available provides unmatched elegance and room for customisation with a range of colours, finishes and frame styles. It also offers good insulation and energy savings. Whether you choose minimalist birch or distinctive walnut for your build, Neuffer will deliver a custom, precision built product to enhance your home.

uPVC Windows: Affordable and Energy Efficient

uPVC, also known as unplasticised polyvinyl chloride or just vinyl is a tough, synthetic and recyclable material that is easy to work with. This makes custom sizes, shapes and features simple. Moreover, it offers great long term durability and low maintenance requirements for homeowners. Our line of high-quality uPVC windows is a substantial step up in performance from typical domestic windows. With impressive insulation, long term durability and custom colour, design and hardware options, uPVC windows represent great value for money for anyone seeking to maximise performance on a budget.

Aluminium Clad Timber & uPVC

By itself, aluminium excels at standing up to the elements and continuing to maintain a fantastic appearance with minimal upkeep. Therefore, it is a natural addition to the exterior of doors and windows. Our clad potions consist of either a timber or uPVC frame with an exterior shell of aluminium to protect them. Aluminium clad timber and uPVC combine the best features of each material and increase thermal performance, weather resistance and security all while reducing regular maintenance to a bare minimum. This combination makes alu-clad windows ideal for luxury homes, passive houses and modern architectural projects.

Custom Glazing for your Performance Needs

While the choice of frame material plays an important role in the final Uw-value as well as look and durability of a window, the glazed portion takes up the largest surface area by far. That makes selection of glazing particularly important in determining the overall performance in the following areas:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Burglary prevention and security
  • Sound reduction

Glazed windows are luckily not an either-or decision. Whether you choose triple glazing or double, each window can be configured and fitted to achieve multiple performance needs at once. By customising the number of panes, the type of glass, the distance between panes, the filling in those gaps and finally the spacers separating the panes, the exact U-value, decibel reduction and security level desired can be reached. Today, regardless of window style, triple glazing is recommended over double glazing, along with the use of warm edge spacers. From there, the rest can be further configured. Some example frames and values can be seen below:

Profile model Frame material Glazing type Uw-Value in W/(m2K)
Energeto 5000 uPVC triple 0.87
Classic Timber triple 0.84
Idealu Aluclad Timber triple 0.84

Hardware & Finish

Finally, whether you have a timber window, uPVC one or alu-clad, we offer a range of fine German fittings, paints and finishes to complete your bespoke product. This includes handles and multiple locking points as well as hinge type and the overall resistance class (RC). The location and function of your window will usually quickly determine this (e.g. ground floor vs. second floor or tilt and turn vs. fixed window).

All custom windows are made to measure, allowing you to determine height, width and shape individually. This includes less common designs such as oval, trapezoid, asymmetric shapes and more. Next, we offer the full RAL colour range for timber, a selection of special foils to be applied to uPVC and powder coatings for anodised aluminium surfaces. You may also choose a natural finish for timber frames instead of paint. All products are delivered prefinished and ready to be installed. Finally, don't forget to add custom window boards or window sills for your new windows.

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