IDEAL TwinSet 8000S

The Best of Aluminium and uPVC

Uw - Wert
≥ 0.80
IDEAL TwinSet 8000S

The TwinSet 8000s offers some of the best insulation values today in an attractive and modern look. The combination of aluminium cladding, advanced uPVC frame and fine German fittings make it a high performance window that will enhance your house and save money for years to come. Its 6 internal chambers, multiple sealing levels and aluminium shell allow passive house level Uw-values as low as 0.80 W/m²K . While reducing utility bills, it will also keep you safe with its tough metal exterior and German security hardware with a range of further security upgrades possible. Aluclad uPVC offers all the advantages of each material with none of the drawbacks.

IDEAL TwinSet8000S Overview and Details:

  • Aluminium clad uPVC (vinyl) frame
  • Excellent thermal Uw-values as low as 0.80 W/m²K possible (reference size 1230x1480mm, 0.6 Ug-value triple glazing, swiss spacer)
  • 6 internal chambers in the frame for superior insulation
  • 82 mm frame width
  • 90 mm construction depth for larger insulation chambers
  • 3-point sealing – available in papyrus white or black with coloured finishes
  • Up to 51 mm glazing thickness possible
  • Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) of < 44 dB
  • European style Tilt & Turn opening style with multipoint locking and fail-safe position locking handles 
  • Available in a wide range of RAL colours including dual colour option for interior and exterior
  • activPilot fittings and security features with 2 mushroom cams and additional strike plates
  • Innovative weather resistant uPVC material formula
  • Weather resistant extruded sealing
  • Environmentally friendly - 100% free of cadmium, barium and lead 


  • Improved security up to and including resistance class two (RC2)
  • ActivPilot Select fittings with discrete concealed hinges
  • ActivPilot Comfort with parallel opening for ventilation
  • Magnetic contact sensors for electronic lock monitoring

Impressive Energy Efficiency Meets Modern Design

TwinSet 8000S profiles are made of a combination of uPVC and aluminium, offering superior U-values for energy efficiency. In addition, the three sealing levels used in the construction of the profile reduce the effects of thermal bridges.

All seals are integrated into the frame, providing proper insulation of the 6-chamber system and allowing the glazing to be mounted flush with the casement frame. This has the additional benefit of ensuring a weather-proof seal to reliably stop cold air from entering the house. These ensure that the frame itself provides excellent insulation and not just the glazing. The best triple glazing can't work miracles if the frame surrounding it is much less efficient.

Excellent thermal insulation is guaranteed thanks to three sealing levels and the 6 chamber frame

Finally, the outer aluminium shell provides an additional barrier between the frame and outside air which further lowers Uw-values, leading to impressive thermal performance.

Security with Multipoint locking

Security plays a significant role when selecting suitable windows and doors for your home. The hardware and fittings used must meet strict quality and security standards in order to provide adequate protection. Quality Winkhaus activPilot fittings are used to guarantee basic security, with a range of additional options and upgrades, including Resistance Class II (RC2) protection.

In locations where windows are particularly vulnerable to intrusion attempts, glazing too can be reinforced with laminated security glass and impact resistant glazing.

Customise and individualise your windows

In order to meet your personal requirements and tastes, the TwinSet  8000S models allow aluminium cladding can be customised in variety of different ways. You can select from an extensive range of RAL colours and finishes to match your façade, or accent it. Additional visual features such as glazing bars can be easily integrated making your imagination the only limit.

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